Change starts with you.

Let me help you make that journey.

Paddy Venner

Are you in a rut? 

Are you dissatisfied with where life has taken you?

Are you always misunderstood by those around you?

Are you in an unhealthy relationship and don't know whether to get out of it or stay and work on it? 

Wherever you find yourself you need to know this:  there is hope.  Nothing is impossible and no situation or relationship  needs to stagnate and remain unchanged.  But that change starts with one person:  YOU.   Forget everyone else, forget the hurt, stop the blame-game.  No matter what may have been done to you or what you may have done to others, you can move beyond this into a fulfilled life.

Do you need a reminder of what's within you that makes you  unique and more than capable of bringing change to your life?  Or is this a totally new concept for you?  Let me help you to be the best that you can, to communicate better, to understand others better and most of all to understand yourself better.



I am driven by a desire to see people living whole and fulfilled lives. We all want to find our ‘sweet spot’ in life. Fulfilment, success, meaning, destiny or place. Whatever you want to call it.

For the large part of my life I have also been a Pastor which, by its very nature, requires me to counsel and encourage people. Through this I  have seen that so many people are stuck in their own mindsets of limitation.  It has been my privilege to work with people and show them that if you can change your thinking then this is the start to personal revolution - your life, your relationships, your career, your beliefs, your ‘inner peace’. 

I have also seen the need for children to find meaning, purpose and self-esteem in an ever changing world and society. So I set about to address this.  I started running a life skills course in schools for pre-Teens which has and still does have incredible success.   Both staff and parents continue to see dramatic changes in children with behavioural issues and the children themselves realise their value and place in society and within family.

As a spin off of this I counsel individually with troubled children (both victims  and perpetrators) and work with families to help restore healthy parent-child and sibling relationships. 


​​I have worked in retail clothing, restaurant management, sales, banking and I am a Pastor. I have studied Theology and Life Coaching, with a bit of Psychology in-between. ​ I have been teaching and coaching people my whole life through. I am also a qualified professional Life Coach.​​

I am passionate about helping you change yourself.  Let me start this journey with you.

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Life Coaching and Workshops :  Individuals, School classes, Teams, and Families.


When I work with you, whether individually or within a team, I will get to know how you think and feel, what your background is, what your needs and dreams are and how we can help to get you there.  I will also help you to understand yourself and others better.

I have a very relaxed approach and coaching style and seek to bring wholistic insights to you. There will be a counselling and therapeutic component to the sessions, always remaining within your comfort-parameters.

What you can expect:

Life coaching sessions are typically 1 hour long (half hour for children).  

There will be one initial consultation where we will assess your situation together and discuss the end goal for you.  I ask my clients to commit to a minimum of 5 sessions, but 10 are recommended for full benefit. 

You and I sign an agreement whereby you will commit to the process and I will commit to the journey with you.

​I will usually meet with you in coffee shop environment, although family sessions are best conducted at your home, in my office or at your child's school.  Individual sessions with children are conducted at their school (by prior arrangement) or at a place that both the child and parent feel comfortable with.

I also conduct adult sessions via Skype and Zoom.

I have UK credentials as a life coach.  I am a certified trainer in 'Leading From Your Strengths' (from Insights International, USA). 

I am an ordained Minister.

I ensure you that I treat all clients with dignity irrespective of race, background, education, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and criminal history and am bound by client confidentiality where required.

I carry a portable DBS certificate as required by UK safeguarding law.

I follow strict Safeguarding rules when working with children and vulnerable adults.


for Key Stage 2

I continue to have phenomenal success and results with this course that I have run in person in over 200 school classrooms.


I also successfully ran this course online during the Coronavirus lockdown of 2020, with children both in a classroom and home setting, with full permission from parents and teaching staff.

Activ8 is geared for Year 6 children who are at a crucial stage of change in their lives, starting the journey into puberty and then adulthood.  The course is designed to make children think about self esteem, their attitudes and perceptions and how they treat others.  It also gets them to start thinking about their ambitions for life and how their words and choices impact others and will set the course for the rest of their lives.  

For details about ACTIV8 aims and outcomes please click here.


The course and my style of teaching have been effective in enabling children to bravely speak up about things that may be affecting them, both at school and at home.  The course has been a platform for children to confide in me things that they would otherwise not confide to their teachers or parents. Because of this I work closely with school staff to help flag up individual, family or social concerns that may require further intervention.


"In early 2020 our son was struggling emotionally with a ‘lack of self-worth’ and anxiety issues, so when the  coronavirus national lockdown was enforced in March the situation was just compounded. Every day the whole family were ‘walking on egg shells’ to prevent the next ‘melt down’.  Six months prior to the lockdown our son attended a number of ‘whole class sessions’ at school with Paddy.  Paddy’s open, engaging and entertaining method of delivery soon became the favourite lesson of the week.  The discussions about positive mental attitudes along with coping strategies certainly improved our son's outlook on life.  It was therefore natural that we would contact Paddy when things started to get  tough.  Over the course of several Zoom sessions Paddy was able to once again get our son to have a more positive view of himself and how others saw him.  

Paddy was a great help in getting him in the right mindset for returning to school, and the unknown, after many months of isolation from friends and family.

Paddy’s coping strategies have also gone on to help him through a successful transition from Junior to High School."  

D&R (Parents)

“As a staff we found the talk very thought provoking and the staff room was buzzing after you left. It certainly will change the way we approach some aspects of school life."

J GOODRUM (School Principal)

"After unsuccessfully trying to resolve bullying of a child in a classroom, and exhausting many of our usual approaches, we asked Paddy to run a bullying intervention for the children involved. Paddy immediately engaged with the children and they respected his views and opinions. After the first session the class teacher reported that all instances of bullying had stopped. In the subsequent weeks, the class teacher noticed that the children were beginning to show more empathy and understanding for the victim. The weekly session write ups were insightful and showed a deep understanding of the children's emotional development and own self-esteem issues. As a result of his work, all children are much happier and able to focus on their learning in class. The school has now asked Paddy to run mentoring sessions for additional children with differing emotional needs."

S CLAFLIN (School Deputy Head)


"I feel very confident that bringing you in to support was the right course of action. It really sounds as if the  boys are beginning to open up and acknowledge their part in all of this. I am feeling very strongly that this will have a positive impact on the wellbeing of all concerned, who will learn and grow as people from your work." 


"Interesting, engaging and thought provoking. I could have listened for much longer! Would very much like to listen to and then debate with him again."  

L DAVIES  (GenEdge talk)

"Confident, inspiring presentation and presenting style.  Useful insights in to harsh education and the commitment required today to show children we care." 

H CLARKE  (GenEdge talk)

"I thought the talk was very interesting and thought-provoking. I would welcome Paddy back to work with some of the boys in my class."

A FEELY (GenEdge talk

"Inspirational ideas I could relate to and apply in my home and work life. Heart and mind topped up in equal measure."

J CHURCH  (GenEdge talk)

"My son benefitted enormously from your help and is now able to reflect on situations that occur at school and at home, and is using strategies that you’ve given him to talk about and use when he’s stressed or upset.  We’re really pleased that he has been given this input and would like to thank you for helping him cope much better with his emotional needs."


“The pupils warm quickly to Paddy’s open and welcoming personality”

R CARTER (Activ8 course)

 “My class became more positive and confident as a result of Activ8.”

Mrs Watts  (Activ8 course)

“Activ8 is a well designed and thought out programme which enables children to start asking questions of their social values”

M SORENSON (Activ8 course)


“Activ8 causes children to realise things about themselves and boosts self esteem. Several children who are normally quiet  showed increased confidence after Activ8.”

N BARWICK  (Activ8 course)


"Paddy’s energy and enthusiasm makes the children feel good about themselves.”

H DAY  (Activ8 course)



I am based in Norwich, United Kingdom.   I can also coach you via Skype/Zoom no matter where in the world you are.

1-to-1 sessions are held in rooms at Rowan House Health & Wellbeing Centre, Queens Road, NR9 3DB.

(+44) 07906435287

The ACTIV8© Course in detail

Session 1 : The Parachute Debate - The Power of Words

Aim of session: to encourage children to understand the power of words and be able to stand their ground non-violently.

Children love this session as it is very different to anything they usually do in class and it sets the tone for the course.

Outcome:  children learn teamwork.  It also reveals the leaders, public speakers, the quiet ones, the strong communicators and the creative thinkers.


Session 2 : Who Are You Really?

Aim of session: Challenging children to be themselves, and to examine whether they have to become someone else just to fit in.

Outcome:  children discuss the importance of fitting in and how to avoid peer pressure. Many battle to come up with a word to describe themselves and sometimes emotional. They are affirmed by Paddy who tells each child what positives he sees in them. Teachers have said what an eye-opener this session can be.


Session 3 : Attitude sets Altitude

Aim of Session: to realise that our aspirations can cause us to rise above what people have said that has hurt us.

A discussion session – children are encouraged to express their experiences of bullying and maltreatment, and how they have overcome.

Outcome:  it evokes many good responses, especially when we look at the attitude to bullies, being bullied or even being a bully.  Children often see this as one of their favourite sessions due to the tools given them to overcome, and adopt a positive attitude.


Session 4 : Advice - a test of scruples

Aim of Session:  this is a test of their scruples and ability to analyse a situation and react accordingly. This session  lets them see that a kind word or a piece of gentle advice, can make a huge difference in another child’s life.

Outcome:  they learn to discuss and think collaboratively.


Session 5 : Advertise Yourself

Aim of Session: to get children to speak well of themselves.

Outcome:  Children work alone, and are encouraged to get in touch with their positive attributes and to be able to communicate these appropriately. This builds self esteem and peer-group affirmation and has been a genuine turning point for some children.

Session 6 : If you don’t like the Consequence, Change the Choice

Aim and outcome of session:  to teach children to stop blaming everyone else when they get into trouble and to take ownership of their own outcomes ie: weigh up actions and their consequences.


Session 7 : Overcoming Obstacles

Aim of session: To understand that hardships and obstacles in life are necessary and not there to discourage you but to strengthen you.

Outcome:  that anything can be achieved or overcome through hard work and determination.


Session 8 : Letters to God and Dealing with Failure

Aim of the session: for children to put in writing what is really going on in their lives – a very eye-opening session, which ends with a discussion on bouncing back from failure.  They are taught “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything”

Outcome:  the children work alone on a 'letter to God', where they have carte blanche to express themselves.  This session yields much insight. Paddy reads them on site and any ones which have flagged concerns are reported to the teacher in charge.


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